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This is an official BlogShares Help System Page.
Only BlogShares Admins or Users with appropriate Official Roles may edit it.

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These rules are also available in Dutch, Spanish, Malay, and Estonian. Please note that the English version (the current page) is the only official version of the rules. Translations are provided for guidance purposes only.


Important Legal and Privacy Information

Please read the BlogShares Terms of Service for full legal statements. Also read our Privacy Policy.

All rules below fall under the jurisdiction of the BSEC. Violation of these rules can be lead to BSEC action, up to and including account termination. Don't be a Cheatypants.

Note: If you're looking for the forum rules, they can be found here. Wiki Policies can be found here.

Section 1 - Site & Account Rules

Sub-Section A - Multiple Player Accounts

Sub-Section B - Sale of Accounts by Players

Sub-Section C - Bug and Exploit Discovery

Sub-Section D - Scripts and Bots

Sub-Section E - Chip Referrals

Section 2 - Blogs & Artefacts

Sub-Section A - Blog Ownership

Sub-Section B - Gifting Shares

Sub-Section C - Artefact Usage

Section 3 - Ideas & Markets

Sub-Section A - The Open Market

Sub-Section B - Excessive Bond Prices

Section 4 - The Index, Voting, & Moderation

Sub-Section A - Voting Cooperation

Sub-Section B - Voting Payments

Sub-Section C - Industry Suggestions

Sub-Section D - Alternative URLs and Reported Errors

Sub-Section E - Adding Blogs

Sub-Section F - Other Guidelines

Section 5 - Advertisements

Sub-Section A - Text Ads

Sub-Section B - Click Ads

Sub-Section C - Press Releases

Sub-Section D - Missions

Section 6 - Community Behavior

Sub-Section A - Personal Messages

Section 7 - BlogShares Wiki

Sub-Section A - Wiki Policies


Ignorantia Legis Neminem Excusat

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