The 5 Oldest Blogs in BlogShares

While doing some maintenance today I happened to glance at the ‘blogs’ database which had ordered itself by BSID. Noticing that one of them had a 3 digit BSID (we’re now into the 10’s of millions in terms of BSIDs), I wondered if it was still alive…

Unbelievably, after 9 years of being a blog, it is alive and flourishing!

So without further ado, here are the 5 oldest blogs in the game (in terms of BSID):

  1. 10,000 Birds (BSID 388 – Added 25th Nov, 2003)
  2. rebecca’s pocket (BSID 6192 – Added 20th Oct, 2003)
  3. Secondary School Education (BSID 8281 – Added 8th July, 2003)
  4. 80’s Music (BSID 8514 – Added 4th July, 2003)
  5. A Whole Lotta Nothing (BSID 8906 – Added 16th March, 2003)

The first blog added to the system (in terms of date) goes to (BSID 92290) added 13th March, 2003!

No real point to this, but it’s interesting they’re still alive after all this time!

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